Former Celtic defender and coach Kolo Toure has opened up on his ambitions as a manager and revealed his pride at becoming a role model for young African kids desperate to make it in football.

The 39-year-old ex-Hoops player currently works alongside Brendan Rodgers at Leicester City after both leaving Parkhead in 2017. Though he admits he plans to break away one day and become his own man in the dugout.

Toure is aiming high and wants to be a trailblazer in coaching, just as he was as a player at title-challenging Arsenal. And with his skillset geared almost solely to football, management is his next step whenever he decides to leave Rodgers at King Power Stadium. 

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"At the end of my career I thought about what I could bring to the world," he said at an FA media training day. "What is my strength in my life? I thought about other industries but the only thing I really knew and enjoyed was football. The only industry I felt I could really bring some creativity to was football.

"I want to pass my experience and knowledge onto the young generation.

"One of the most important things – touching my heart – is that I am from Africa. There aren’t many African managers in the top leagues in England or Europe. I am used to having to come from a long way because there are no idols and no role models to look up to. That is why I am doing my badges."

On potentially stepping out to make his own mark at a club, Toure added: "People want to work with good people. As long as you are a good man, you have good manners and want to bring the best from the players, the players will like you.

"I am very happy with my progression right now, working with Brendan Rodgers. I am learning a lot. When the time comes, everybody will feel it."