CELTIC midfielder Ryan Christie believes that the outbreak of Covid-19 and the restrictions it has placed on society have fostered a sense of unity amongst the public.

People are finding new ways to communicate and socialise despite the isolation, and the 25-year-old believes that the adversity facing the nation is creating a "togetherness".

Speaking to the club's website, Christie urged fans to follow the advice of experts, remain strong and - above all else - stay safe.

“To echo the manager, Broony, and the feeling of all the boys and everyone involved at the club, we just want everyone to keep being safe,” said Christie. “The more we can listen to the advice of the government and health officials, then the sooner it’ll all be over. If we dig in, we’ll get through it soon enough.

“Everyone is in isolation at the moment. Maybe you’re on your own, or living with family or friends, but while everyone is on their own, it’s a weird feeling, because there is a real sense of togetherness as well.

“These are uncertain and scary times, but when you’re watching the news, you do have a sense that everybody in the country is watching the screen at the same time.

“There is a strange unity to it all, I suppose. So, as long as everyone is staying safe, keeping in touch with each other and checking in, then I’m sure we can get through it.”