Footballers around the world face an anxious wait to discover when, exactly, they can get back to their daily lives and structured routine.

We are, after all, in uncharted territory. The SPFL shutdown has left fans, players and officials with so many questions regarding the future that it would be tough for even The Oracle to grab a handle on what is going on.

There will be some serious financial implications to the lockdown. Not least for players who will be out of contract when, and if, the season returns. One vital aspect of the indefinite closure of domestic football in this country and beyond is whether or not some footballers will even have a job by the time things are back up and running.

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FIFA claim they have a plan of action to deal with player contracts. But Scottish agent Cesare Marchetti believes chaos will reign for the foreseeable future for these players who, before the coronavirus hit hard, had planned to see out their deals and leave their current clubs in the summer.

"It's going to be chaos," Marchetti told Herald and Times Sport. "Especially as there won't be football until August at the earliest, and that includes training.

Glasgow Times:

"I think the biggest challenges will be that clubs won't know their budget [for next season] until very late. And clubs will have less money for wages and transfers next season. It's going to take a long time for there to be any clarity on who will need what and how much they can spend. Everyone is in limbo, currently."

Marchetti, 33, has been dealing with players and coaching staff as an agent for more than seven years now and he admits things have never been so up in the air.

Originally from Glasgow, Marchetti started out dealing in the UK but has since branched out into the wider world of Poland, Hungary and Iceland.

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With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the globe, Marchetti is perhaps in the best position to explain the potential disasters awaiting fellow agents moving forward. Those whose businesses survive the crisis, that is. "Everyone's business is going to be adversely effected," he added.

"You will see some agents and even clubs going out of business if this situation doesn't improve. You're looking at six months without football for a lot of clubs.

"All we can do is wait and see what the situation will be with the current season, the dates of the transfer window and when next season will start. I would urge any player to remain both calm and positive.

"Clubs will still need players, nobody can plan for next season until the situation is clarified. Hopefully everyone will have clarity in April."