NEIL LENNON admits he is worried about the mental welfare of his players during the football shutdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and he has urged anyone who is struggling to speak up.

The Celtic manager is trying to stay in contact with each member of his squad on a regular basis as he looks to ensure they are coping with the massive disruption to their normally regimented routine.

And in a broader sense, he says that it is up to everyone in society to look out for one another during the lockdown.

“Just let people know as soon as possible,” Lennon said. “Mentally, it will be a difficult for them.

“Not, of course, in comparison to be the people who are suffering with this virus, [but] there will be pent-up energy living without their structured and routined life.

“They haven’t had time to plan for this or get their heads around [it], so basically they have to treat it is a holiday.

“Even though they can’t travel or go anywhere, they need to do that because when we go back, I think it will be a prolonged period of football after that.

“I’m trying to keep in touch with the players. Our fitness team has given them individual programmes. My worry with them is they’ll be like caged animals at the minute.

“They are used to a regimented way of life and a great life and a healthy life.

“I’m worried not just about their physical wellbeing, but their mental wellbeing as well. A lot of them will be very frustrated with pent-up energy and you can only do so much when training at home. It’s trying to make the best of a very bad situation.

“I contacted a few of the boys who are back home in different countries just to get in touch and see how they are. I’m also on the phone to Peter [Lawwell] most days for updates.”