Celtic, Rangers and Motherwell received larger payouts than other Premiership clubs because they cannot finish below the top six, 'Well chief Alan Burrows has said.

Some questions were raised as to why the top three clubs would receive £395,000 plus VAT while the rest of the clubs only earned £157,500 plus VAT despite the season not yet being concluded.

Motherwell chief Burrows, however, took to BBC Scotland's Off the Ball show to clear up the issue and explain that his club was handed a higher sum early because they are one of only three outfits guaranteed to finish in the top six mathematically, should the season not be played to a finish.

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Burrows said: "It is not so much on the basis of being third, it is the fact that we can't finish below the top six.

"Motherwell, Celtic and Rangers at the minute are the teams if the season was played to a conclusion would definitely be top six - that is the basis it is split up. The payment we all receive in April which has been brought forward a few weeks is predicated on who gets into the top six.

"The teams who are in the top six get top six money, everyone in the bottom six gets bottom six money."

The Motherwell supremo reckons everything else is "still to play for", although currently "on pause" due to the coronavirus pandemic and the indefinite league shutdown by the SPFL and SFA.

He added: "It really depends on how things fall, there still a big push for some to get the games played at some point. While that is still on some people's agendas, it is all up for grabs at this point.

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"We are advising our players to stay fit because there is a chance they may have to play games at some point.

"The contract issue is one of the key topics we talk about. That is the hardest circle to square. In terms of young players, if clubs are going to be offering young players contracts it happens to be around this period of time.

"But everything is on pause at this minute."

We told how the SPFL set aside £1.5million for payouts to Scottish clubs in a bid to keep some afloat during the pandemic that has forced football into lockdown and clubs without revenue streams.

Hearts have already asked staff to take a 50 percent wage cut or face their contracts being terminated, while Aberdeen supremo Dave Cormack forecasts a £5million LOSS for the Dons.