Cowdenbeath have called for the Scottish Professional Football League to declare final placings as they stand to help clubs financially.

The Fife club sit in the Ladbrokes League Two promotion play-off places but finance director David Allan would rather have the financial guarantee of end-of-season payouts from the league than a possibility of going up.

"Calling the season gives us certainty," Allan told BBC Radio Scotland's Sportsound programme. "Whether it's about the money or not, let's just call it over.

"I am not one that goes for the void route. We have played 75 per cent of the season, surely that's enough? Otherwise you are getting into the realms of the Dallas scenario - Bobby Ewing's dream season where we just forget about it. I am not keen on that.

"We are fourth in the league, if we get fourth-placed money then that would be very helpful. We are not going to take legal action if we don't get a play-off."

Cowdenbeath have paid wages for March but have staff members who are still working and cannot be placed on furlough leave as part of the Government's financial help, while their part-time players have more than two months of wages to come before the normal close season.

Allan said: "In the last week or two, two or three times we have gone to speak to the players, the world changes, we have to keep changing with that.

"For some of them it's their main income, their only income for some, and it's vital.

"We paid 100 per cent this month, it buys time to sit down and have a look at things and look at the scheme and how it works.

"Now we have to look at April and May, that's the two big months. Players contracts after June 10, where we are going from there, I don't know."