THE decision on how to complete the 2019/20 season will have to be made by individual league bodies, according to UEFA's vice-president.

All four of Scotland's professional leagues have been suspended indefinitely to curb the spread of coronavirus with around a quarter of the campaign still to be played.

Players and clubs alike have raised their concerns as to how the season should be played out, with the resumption of football likely to significantly impact the 2020/21 campaign.

The decision will now have to be made by the SPFL itself after Michele Uva, vice-president of European football's governing body, publicly ruled out any directives being issued from UEFA.

When asked by SportMediaset whether UEFA would provide guidance on matters of promotion, relegation, championship titles and final league standings, Uva insisted: "It's not a matter for us, it will be up to each league to decide.

"The only issue concerns those players who have contracts or loans expiring on June 30 but that isn't a matter for UEFA, which will only ask for the list of teams that will participate in the next European competitions by a certain date."