Mark Wilson has urged Peter Lawwell and the Celtic board to go all out to tie down the services of star striker Odsonne Edouard. 

The French under-21 internationalist has registered 62 goals and 31 assists during 126 games for Neil Lennon’s side, and now he is attracting big money attention from south of the border. 

We told yesterday how Newcastle are reportedly lining up a £30 million bid for the former PSG striker. 

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But ex-Celts ace Wilson has urged his former team to do all they can to keep the frontman and has suggested getting him tied down on a bumper deal as soon as possible.

Speaking to The Scottish Sun, he said: “I’d love to see them do it.

"I don’t know if the club would do it for one player, but it’s exceptional times. Who knows when an opportunity like that will ever come round again?

"And if there’s a chance that they could persuade him with an extra few quid, I’m sure the Celtic fans would love to see that. I don’t think it would create problems in the dressing room either.

"The guys will appreciate his worth and know what he brings to the team. I’ve been in dressing rooms before where you know guys wouldn’t try a leg when your backs are against the wall and your defending for your lives, but you knew in a flash that they would win you the game at the other side.

"I certainly had no problem with those guys earning triple what I earned because I knew their value and their worth.

"I knew they were the guys who would quite often earn us our win bonus. If it was to become a problem, it would be attracting players to the club and their wage demands then.

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"Obviously it would come out what Edouard was roughly on. If you are trying to attract some guy for £9m again, then they might say ‘I want to be paid the same £50,000-a-week Edouard was on’ and before you know it, it could cause problems with your wage structure going forward and re-signing players.

"But I don’t think anyone would demand a wage rise in that dressing room."

Despite hoping Edouard will stay in Glasgow with the Hoops, Wilson is sure the 22-year-old would be a hit with the Toon faithful at St James’ Park and he insists the Premier League would not faze him.

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He continued: "There’s no doubt that Newcastle is a huge club with a huge fanatical fan base.

"I don’t think that would faze him in anyway and I think he could handle the level of where Newcastle are playing just now.

"Whether it’s the right move for him just now, it’s very difficult to say. He’s been exceptional over the last few years.

"If he stays for another year, you become something extra special at Celtic if you go on and win that tenth title in a row. That means the world to the Celtic fans.

"I’m not sure if foreign players see it that way though. I know they love the club and everything that comes with Celtic, but I’m not so sure it means as much to them winning ten Scottish league titles in a row as it does to born and bred Celtic fans."

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Wilson added: "The lure of the Premier League might just be too much. The same happened with Moussa Dembele.

"Not many clubs are bigger than Celtic, but when the lure of a big league comes your way where these boys can go and further their careers, that could become a real pulling point.

"If the money is right, it’s a big decision for Celtic and Peter Lawwell.

"Their model has worked so well in recent years and if clubs are willing to pay £30m, the model works again.

"You spend £9m on someone and sell them for £30m two years down the line. It’s an incredible piece of business."