Raith Rovers chairman Bill Clark believes there is no chance that the current campaign will be played to a finish - and fears football could be written off until January.

After watching the likes of the Olympics, Wimbledon and, closer to home, the Edinburgh festivals being postponed or cancelled, Clark has already waved goodbye to the prospect of the remaining eight League One fixtures being completed.

Clark is still keeping his fingers crossed that his side’s efforts in leading the division by one point over Falkirk will be recognised but fears the extent of the coronavirus pandemic could leave football in hibernation for another nine months.

Clark, who has introduced government funding scheme at Stark’s Park for nearly all their employees, said: “When you look at what’s being cancelled now, the Edinburgh Festival in August, I think playing the remaining eight games of our league is just not viable either, that is not going to happen.

“I am personally writing those games off, I can’t see how they can happen when you look at when the peak of this is going to come.

“There are all sorts of sporting things already being called off in August.

“The players are going to need a pre-season of some kind so you’re talking about starting in October or November.

“I think we’d be best just to say that the season has gone and start the 20/21 season whenever we’re able to get back to football.

Glasgow Times:

“Whether that’s November, or January even - which could be possible - and look to play a reduced number of games in the league for 20/21.

“That to me would see the most sensible thing. Nobody can predict timescales on this.”

Naturally, Clark is desperate for his team’s efforts this season to be rewarded.

Voiding the campaign, using the current standings to declare title winners, promotions and relegations and league reconstruction have all been suggested.

Clark, however, believes the idea of increasing the top-flight to 14-teams and promoting two teams from every league is unlikely to get off the ground because of red tape.

He added: “The two that are acceptable to us are, one: we just use the positions as they were when football shutdown on March 13 and there is promotion and relegation and no play-offs.

“The second one would be some kind of reorganisation, even for a temporary period.

“Lets say one season where two go up and you don’t relegate anybody.

“If ourselves and Falkirk went up and the likes of Hearts didn’t get relegated from the Premiership, I think that would be the one that would cause the least damage to all the club but I’m kind of getting a hint that league reconstruction would be too difficult. It’s one hint at this stage.

“It takes time, if you’re to reorganise the league you have to give a certain amount of time of notice for that.

“That probably could not be done until the season after next and that’s the problem with that one.

“If it could be done, even in an emergency or temporary basis we would certainly support that.”