KELTY HEARTS have slammed SPFL chief Neil Doncaster's Lowland League comments as "disrespectful and negligent".

In a strongly worded statement the Lowland League side questioned some of Doncaster's quotes printed in the press today.

They wrote: "We would like to clear up some misinformation from Neil Doncaster's Q & A with Keith Jackson that was printed in the Daily Record today, Monday 11th May on page 54.

"Mr Doncaster answers to the question that ask's how the SPFL can justify denying Brora Rangers and Kelty Hearts a chance at promotion to the SPFL.

"I don't understand that because it's not just the pyramid play offs that have been cancelled it's all the play offs, including the play offs between the bottom of the Lowland Leage and the leagues below. 

"It's not a unique situation to the pyramid play offs. It's all play offs in Scotland. Had there been automatic relegation Brechin would have been relegated. But it was only ever a play off and all play offs in all divisions of the SPFL have been cancelled.

"This is not true, the Lowland League doesn't have a "play off at the bottom of the Lowland League" it's automatic relegation for the bottom club, which this year due to Covid-19 the Lowland League have declared no club will be relegated.

"The only play off is to get into the Lowland League from East of Scotland and South of Scotland league winners, this play off has only 1 eligable club to compete, Boness United.

"The Lowland League and it's clubs have made a cintingency plan that will see Boness United promoted upon them receiving their SFA License in June as all clubs in the Lowland League require to be SFA Licenced.

"NO play offs have been cancelled outwith the SPFL and we strongly believe there is a 4 way agreement to cancel the "Pyramid Play Off".

"It's little wonder we feel like many others that there's a complete disregard to the pyramid and it's structure, for someone who is on both the SPFL and SFA Board to help drive the whole game forward, we find it somewhat disrespectful and negligent."