THE joint SFA and SPFL response group have revealed they are identifying ‘hub’ stadiums in Scotland in a bid to play multiple matches over a weekend.

With the view to return Scottish football in the safest way possible, the group say centralised ‘hubs’ would keep match day resourcing to a minimum and allow for the highest level of safety for spectators.

In their fortnightly update the combined syndicate told how they had explored planning protocols from other countries, leagues, associations and sports including Germany, Spain, Norway, the Korean K-League and the Swiss Rugby Union.

Office operations, supporter/partner interaction, stadium/pitch maintenance and match day stadium set ups have all been explored by sub groups set up by the SFA and SPFL and they will be continually monitored ahead of their next meeting.

The possibility of ‘virtual season tickets’ has also been studied with the route of playing games behind closed doors becoming an increasingly used path across Europe.

The Bundesliga in Germany will return this weekend with no supporters, while the Serie A in Italy is expected to follow suit in early June.

The Scottish Football hierarchy have acknowledged that matches could be live streamed to supporters and an online based licence to tune into the action could provide clubs with some much needed income.

Rod Petrie, Scottish FA President and JRG Chair: “I would like to thank the sub groups for the dutiful way in which they have embraced the challenges and responsibilities placed before them in finding a viable plan to restart Scottish football.

“At this juncture I would also like to acknowledge the clear guidance and pragmatic approach from the Scottish Government which anchor our plans in reality, and are based on sound medical advice and expertise.

“Naturally, we all wish to see football return as quickly as possible but we must continue to adhere to the guidance of the Chief Medical Officer whilst using the power of football to convey messages that will keep people safe and at home.

“The work of the sub groups is summarised below and shows the breadth and depth of work being undertaken to ensure a smooth and safe return at the appropriate time.”