Rangers managing director Stewart Robertson has revealed the Ibrox club plan to sell off half of the Albion Car Park - and use the money to transform Edmiston House into a museum and 1,300-capacity conference centre and concert venue. 

Robertson told Rangers TV the redeveloped Edmiston House will be the centrepiece of the Glasgow club's 150th anniversary celebrations in 2022 and will generate funds which will be used to strengthen Steven Gerrard's squad.  

The two storey building, which has lain derelict for years, will also be used as a fan zone on match days. 

"There is potential development in the Albion Car Park," said Robertson. "We are looking at selling half of the car park and the funds from that will go towards the building of Edmiston House, of New Edmiston House.

"What we are doing there is taking what is essentially a non-revenue generating asset, taking the capital from that and putting it into an asset that will generate revenues for the club going forward.

"The more revenues we can generate, the more profit we can generate, the more we can provide to Steven and strengthen the team and strengthen what we have got on the park."

Robertson added: "Edmiston House is going to be a real centre piece of the 150th anniversary celebrations. We are looking to create a really modern state-of-the-art facility that is hopefully going to lead us into the next 150 years of our history and will help facilitate the commercial growth of the club.

"It is going to be a multi-purpose offering. It is going to be the club-focused offering. We are looking at a retail facility over two stories. We will have a multi-purpose function, conferencing, event, concert space that will be used as a fan zone on match days. The beauty is it will actually be under cover. You know what the weather is like in the West of Scotland.

"We will be looking at having a 1,300, or thereabouts, capacity conference venue on the ground floor. That opens up a lot of commercial avenues for the club in terms of conferences, functions, weddings, concerts – we are looking at it as a concert venue as well.

"The discussions we have had with some of the concert promoters, they are really excited by what it will bring to the city. It will have access to the subway, access to the motorway. It’s a very accessible venue that will add to what is already a very vibrant music scene in Glasgow.

"But the bit that really excites me personally is we are going to put a museum in there on the first floor of a two storey building. The architects have taking inspiration from Rangers’ Govan upringing and the fact we’ve been established in Govan and Ibrox for so long.

"The museum will be really exciting. It will be great for Rangers fans, it will be great for tourists in the city. In terms of the facility as a whole, it is going to be a terrific asset for the club going forward."

Robertson stressed that alternative car parking would be provided for supporters on match days. 

"That has been really important for us," he said. "To be honest, we have actually held the thing back to get to a position where we know we can provide that.

"There are a couple of bits of land that we are looking at and our making progress on that will be able to replace the spaces that we lose through the flats that will go onto the Albion Car Park.

"That is something that is important. We are conscious it is difficult enough to get parking when people come to the match, but we are well advanced with the solution to that."