PARTICK THISTLE chairman Jacqui Low has urged SPFL clubs to 'think carefully' ahead of Monday's meeting to discuss league reconstruction, asking teams to put self-interest to one side and to do 'the right thing for Scottish football'.

The 42 SPFL members will vote on a revamp put forward by Hearts chair Ann Budge which would see a 14-10-10-10 set-up; Dundee United and Inverness would be promoted to the Premiership, Falkirk would join Raith Rovers in the Championship, Edinburgh City and Cove Rangers would move into League One while Brora Rangers and Kelty Hearts - champions of the Highland and Lowland Leagues respectively - would be introduced into the fourth tier of Scottish football.

The proposal would ensure that Hearts, Thistle and Stranraer - all currently relegated from their respective divisions - would remain in the Premiership, Championship and League One, thus ensuring that no club is left worse off as a result of the sporting shutdown.

In an open letter published on the club's website, Low insisted that the decision to curtail the 2019/20 campaign - that resulted in Thistle's demotion from the Championship - meant that the Jags were the 'hardest hit' club in Scotland from the coronavirus pandemic.

And the Firhill chair pleaded with her peers to 'do no harm' to a fellow SPFL club when Budge's proposal is debated.

The statement read: “We have kept our counsel during current discussions and debate about reconstruction. It may prove to be the ultimate exercise in futility but this may be our last opportunity to speak out.

“If there is no change to the current set up, Partick Thistle will be the Scottish club hardest hit in professional football as the new season starts.

“Despite being relegated in an arbitrary fashion – with a game in hand and only two points behind our nearest rivals – we stand ready, willing and able to play, including behind closed doors. But today, we still don’t know when or even if we will play football next season.

“Does anyone in Scottish football believe we deserve to be punished with a double whammy like this? Which club would find it acceptable if they were in our shoes? Not one of them.

“Clubs need to think carefully about what their indicative vote to the SPFL will be on Monday and what will inform that decision. Everyone needs to reflect on their motives and thoughts behind their next step.

“Let’s be blunt in our plea to fellow clubs so that there’s no misunderstanding. Use this opportunity to do something positive for our game – right the wrongs done to us and a number of other clubs.

“We all want to protect our own club; Thistle is no different. But there’s a difference between that and self-interest, which seeks to protect a perceived advantage created by an unforeseen crisis.

“Don’t use your vote to settle old scores. Don’t reinforce rivalries between clubs just to keep fans happy. Don’t turn a blind eye because it doesn’t impact on you – this time.

“Recognise there will be far-reaching consequences of your actions for Thistle and everyone associated with the club. If that doesn’t matter to you, then focus on doing the right thing for Scottish football. If this vote collapses because people cannot set aside self-interest and ego, our game potentially faces irreparable damage and ongoing division for many years to come.

“At a time unparalleled in footballing history, countries throughout Europe have re-jigged their league set ups to protect the whole – we have the opportunity to do the same.

“For Thistle, if proposed reconstruction fails, the consequences of the actions visited on us by fellow clubs will be long term and serious. We will prevail because “that which does not kill us makes us stronger” but not before we suffer more pain and financial harm than is necessary or fair.

“We believe it is time for clubs to show solidarity with us as we arbitrarily and disproportionately bear the brunt of the damage being done to our game due to circumstances that are no-one’s fault.

“Our plea is simple: choose to do no harm.”