Celtic fans hailed Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Australia host Eddie McGuire after he declared his love for the Hoops during the £20,000 question on telly.

The host posed a question about the Mediterranean Sea where 'Celtic' was an option. And when the contestant across from him answered as such, McGuire queried the decision.

Asking, 'Which of these 'seas' is not part of the Mediterranean Sea? Balearic, Adriatic, Tyrrhenian, Celtic?' The man answering the question 'locked in' Celtic as his answer, to which McGuire responded: "You're locking in D? You reckon that they wouldn't have a sea in the Mediterranean Sea named after the greatest soccer team in the world, Glasgow Celtic? I'm a big Celtic man, you know."

And when the answer turned out to be correct, both McGuire and the contestant had a laugh as the latter landed £20,000. Celtic fans were buzzing to have their club mentioned on live TV and were quick to flood social media with messages for the host.

One, sharing the clip, wrote: "Always knew the host of Aussie's Who Wants to Be a Millionaire was a good c***." Another added: "Hahaha no way, what a f***ing man."

One said: "World famous Glasgow Celtic," while a fourth responded to the clip: "This is brilliant."

You can watch the footage on social media HERE.

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