DUNFERMLINE legend Jim Leishman has hilariously revealed he was once kicked out of T in the Park for messing about with audio equipment at a Kasabian act.

The footballer-turned-politician received backstage tickets for one of the band’s famous headline acts in Balado.

Leishman told the Football Daft podcast how he’d enjoyed a beer with Kasabian frontman Sergio ‘Serge’ Pizzorno, and then decided to phone his friends to tell them he was backstage.

Playfully tapping the mic so his friends could see him on TV, the 66-year-old Pars legend revealed his joke backfired – and he got ‘chucked out’.

He said: “Kasabian were playing – they were the headliners.

“There was a football game on, a World Cup game, and I’m sitting with Serge and we were having a beer, and I’m sitting talking away.

“I was dying to tell my pals.

“[My son-in-law] has got us backstage for the gig... I’m standing behind the amplifiers, and I’m phoning my mates.

“I said ‘watch the telly’. I go out to the mic... ‘testing, testing’.

“I got chucked out.”