Ex-Rangers star Kevin Kyle reckons Manchester City should ignore Leicester's Ben Chilwell and make a move for Kieran Tierney.

Tierney has been Arsenal's standout in recent weeks with some top performances, including in the FA Cup semi-final win against the Citizens last week. Pep Guardiola's men have been in the market for a left-back and are considering a swoop for Chilwell. However, based on recent showings, Kyle insists KT would be a better option for the Manchester giants.

Kyle, 39, was full of praise for the former Celtic defender and applauded his 'humble' nature. And the retired striker says his down to earth nature could rub off on some of the Gunners inside the Arsenal dressing room. "Kieran Tierney took a wee while to settle in and he had a few injuries," Kyle said. "But now there's a move on the cards. They're talking about Man City buying Ben Chilwell, but Kieran Tierney is better than him to go to Manchester City, absolutely.

"What's not to like about Kieran Tierney? How down to earth is he? He hasn't forgotten where he's come from, what he has achieved in the game and he's very very humble."

Speaking on Open Goal's Keeping the Ball on the Ground podcast, Kyle added: "I think [Tierney's humbleness] might help in the Arsenal dressing room, it might rub off on some of them down there who think they are beyond themselves.

"Here's this wee humble guy bouncing into the stadium with a Tesco bag with his toothbrush and shower gel. That's the kind of thing I would've done."