For all the medals bursting from his cabinet, it may well be the words of praise from Celtic legends that Scott Brown will look back on most fondly when the time eventually comes for him to hang up his boots.

The Celtic captain isn’t done yet of course, and leading his team to a tenth consecutive title is very much at the top of his list of unfinished business in the hoops. He may already have achieved legendary status at the club, but that achievement will firmly etch his name in Celtic folklore forevermore.

Take it from a man who knows what it takes to get there. Lubo Moravcik has sent his very best wishes to Brown from one Celtic legend to another as he embarks on his task, saying that no one will deserve it more than the skipper should he again be hoisting the Scottish Premiership trophy above his head at the end of this campaign.

“It is crazy that Scott Brown has managed to do what he has for such a long time at a club like Celtic,” Moravcik said.

“He has kept such a high level of performance every year, and he is still so fit at 35.

“He is such a big example for the younger players. He has been there for almost his entire career, and he is someone that all young Scottish players should be looking up to.

“He would deserve 10 in-a-row as much as anyone. I couldn’t say if he would leave on that note, as he is still so fit, but I would be very happy for him as captain to lift the trophy again at the end of this season.

“He is an important man now in the history of the club, a legend. What he has achieved is amazing.”

From his own experience in Glasgow, Moravcik knows just how important this season is to Celtic and their supporters, and also how vital it is on the other side of the city to stop their great rivals breaking that glass ceiling of nine consecutive titles.

He recognises too that Rangers have grown stronger under Steven Gerrard over the past two seasons, but while he says that they may again be able to challenge his old team over 90 minutes, the Ibrox club will find it difficult to live with Neil Lennon’s men over the course of the season.

“I came to Celtic after they stopped Rangers winning 10 in-a-row, but of course, everyone still talked about it,” he said.

“It was so important for the fans, and believe it or not, it is fun for the players when you are playing for fans like that. Football is meant to be fun.

“The Scottish league needs both teams to be in good condition with quality squads, and that competition is great. There is a challenge there now, and that is good for the game as a whole.

“Every year, Rangers are trying to beat Celtic, and while they have done it in the odd game, it has been very difficult for them over the season.

“It is a good challenge for Rangers to try and catch this Celtic team. They have an even bigger incentive to try and beat Celtic than in the past, and for Celtic, the prize is massive of course.

“It is good for the Scottish league to have 10 in-a-row on the line, and it is good for the fans.

“Every game against Rangers will be very important, and every game will be important.”

Moravcik was an interested observer from back home in Slovakia as this most significant of Scottish seasons got up and running over the weekend, and he hopes that with a little luck, he may be able to come back to Glasgow to savour the celebrations should Celtic indeed be able to make history come May.

“Both teams started very well at the weekend, with Rangers winning away from home at Aberdeen and Celtic scoring five against Hamilton, so I’m very excited to follow the games this season,” he said.

“Hopefully when the coronavirus calms down a little in Europe I can come over to Scotland and savour some of the games. I would really like to be there to celebrate with the other supporters.

“I wish Celtic to be champions again and I really hope they manage to achieve 10 in-a-row, because I am a Celtic fan. It will be the first time in history it has been done, and I think they will do it.

“It should be a great season.”