Kevin Kyle reckons Rangers' Allan McGregor would be his ideal Open Goal guest.

The former striker is desperate to get current Gers number one McGregor on the show with Si Ferry and Paul Slane for a conversation about his career and to allow him a platform to tell some 'crazy' stories about his time in football.

Having played with the goalkeeper at Scotland under-21s level, Kyle remembers him as a bit of a madcap character. And he believes the 38-year-old is still the same today. So he'd love to chat. "I'd like Allan McGregor on Open Goal," Kyle told Herald and Times Sport. "I played with Greegsy at Scotland under-21s and he was a mad man then. 

"By all accounts he's still a mad man. I'd love him to sit down and have a chat, some of the stories he could tell. Away from the perception of him, the career he's had and the age he is and is still playing at the top of the game, that's brilliant. He's done all the right things, still works hard, so I'd like to see Allan McGregor there.

"I'd listen to Si interviewing him but if we could get him on with the three of us, that would be funny. He's had a wonderful career and is one of those guys who could tell you about earlier in his career and the papers would write stories about him out drinking or whatever it was. He's still produced week in, week out at the highest level. For me he'd be an unbelievable guest."

Kyle also revealed his favourite guest he's spoke to on the YouTube favourite. "My favourite guest would have been Tubes from Soccer AM," Kyle added. "He did a lot of talking and he started out in the industry a long time ago and is still going strong. He got me interested in terms of he's now into different things, he has his own YouTube channel, he golfs with footballers and that was interesting."