LEON BALOGUN may only have been in Scottish football for a matter of days but two numbers - ten and 55 - have already taken on added and unique significance.

To those outwith the Old Firm bubble, both digits may seem somewhat inconsequential. Not to the respective supports of Rangers and Celtic, though.

A title win for Steven Gerrard's side this term would be up there with the most significant the Light Blues have achieved. Having been stuck on 54 top flight league flags for longer than is acceptable, the next one is sought after like rarely before.

Then, of course, there is talk of the ten. Having been awarded the crown when last season was cut short, Celtic now have history in their sights as they bid to become the first side to dominate for a decade in Scottish football.

Balogun, one of seven new arrivals at Ibrox, is still relatively inexperienced when it comes to the nuances of the rivalry in Glasgow but the 32-year-old has been left in no doubt what the aim is.

He said: "I think the ambition is pretty clear. I've read a hashtag - Stop the 10, something like that.

"And the number 55 is a big one too. So that's a pretty clear goal for this team.

"Obviously the club will do everything to accomplish that, so I'm not surprised [by the new signings] actually.

"That (winning mentality) is actually something I've enjoyed the most from the start.

"It's a different demand, a different mindset around everybody at the club actually.

"It's about how you train, your performance in training, the statistics in training.

"The professionalism, and I've been at a few clubs, is on another level and I'm really, really enjoying it.

"There's a competitiveness in every aspect of the club and that helps you to keep on top of your game. You can never rest, you can never switch off. If you do, you're in trouble.

"It was something that stood out to me at first. I've never had it like that before.

"So it's a new challenge and I've always liked challenges."