WHO would have thought six months ago we would be unable to leave home without hand sanitiser and a face mask? 

At the beginning of March we would never have guessed that some of the most commonly used words in our vocabulary would be social distancing, isolation, shielding and lockdown. 

Never did we think that in the height of summer all we would be longing for would be a sense of normality and being able to hug our friends and family without feeling anxious. 

But unfortunately these are the times we are living in and Covid-19 is throwing up a number of firsts. 

Another first took place today as Scotland’s First Minister had to include in her address to the nation, the condemnation of a group of professional footballers who felt the need to break their club’s coronavirus protocol by partaking in a drinking session in an Aberdeen bar. 

Nicola Sturgeon said she was “furious” as she slammed the members of the Pittodrie squad who were pictured ‘scooping up’ and she was quite right to be. 

I wrote a column earlier this week where I discussed how brilliant it was to have Scottish football back in our lives and I pinpointed the exemplary organisation by all clubs on the opening weekend of the campaign. 

However, a season isn’t completed over a week and unfortunately the inconsiderate actions of this selfish group of ‘professionals’ has thrown our league into turmoil. 

Aberdeen chairman Dave Cormack said he was “grateful” that the decision was made to postpone the Dons’ clash with St Johnstone, rather than forcing them to forfeit. 

No wonder he was appreciative of the SPFL and SFA’s decision – his side have been let off lightly. 

St Johnstone had already been forced to cancel their pre-season match with St Mirren in recent weeks due to Covid-19 and now, through no fault of their own, they have been made to sit out another match this weekend. 

Cormack went on to send his apologies to the Scottish game and the health authorities in his club statement – but was it enough? I would say no. 

Would a true expression of solidarity after the thoughtless acts of his players not have been to concede the three points and award the victory to their opponents? 

This gesture would have sent out a strong message to the rest of Scottish football and shown that there is simply no place for breaking these rules. 

Whether the forfeit decision was Aberdeen’s or those at the top of our game is another question. 

But this judgement simply should have been made to ensure nothing like this happens again. 

Cormack is adamant a full investigation into the antics of his players will take place and I trust he will take the appropriate action if he feels it is necessary to do so. 

We are two games into a 38 game season and right now the Scottish Premiership is dangling over a cliff edge. 

Sturgeon ended her daily briefing by reminding players if they do not comply with guidelines then “all bets are off” – football in Scotland will be back in lockdown. 

The pubs are back open, it’s business as usual for the high street, and football has returned to our screens. 

But this episode has been a timely reminder that this virus is still here and it is a while away from the final whistle. 

A lesson must be learned and let’s hope this incident reinforces the need for footballing role models to set an example to society in these testing times.