NEIL LENNON has hinted that Boli Bolingoli's Celtic career is over after explaining that it would be "very difficult" to see him back in the Hoops changing room.

The Parkhead defender did not tell anyone at the club of his trip and now chiefs are furious at the player for risking the campaign and the safety of his teammates, coaching staff and opposition.

Bolingoli breached the rules put in place by the Scots government where anyone travelling from Spain should self-isolate for two weeks.

Speaking in his press conference today, Neil Lennon said: "We gave players a couple of days off after Hamilton.

"We made it clear to players they weren't to leave Glasgow.

"Boli took flight to Spain on Monday and kept it to himself, we were livid, appalled.

"We’ve been bitterly let down by Bolingoli.

"It will be very difficult to imagine him being welcomed back into the dressing room in the future

"This is a rogue who has gone off tangent and has done something very very selfish. We have been completely oblivious to this. I’m absolutely livid it’s a total betrayal of our trust."