Last weekend the focus was on Leigh Griffiths party for his girlfriend.

Fast-forward 48 hours and Celtic are at the centre of another issue. It turns out we have a left-back who travels more in Europe than he does down the touchline. A trip to Spain without the club’s understanding is bad enough but when it causes two games to be postponed by the government, this early in the season, when the fixtures are already piled up, is unacceptable.

Time is up for Mr Boli Bolingoli-Mbombo. The man with the longest name in Scottish football has made one of the biggest mistakes of the season so far. Scottish football is always under scrutiny from the Scottish Government, despite repeated claims that politics shouldn’t play a role in football. From the shame game in 2011 to the way football fans are treated compared to other sports fans across the length and breadth of the country, the relationship is a ticking time-bomb.

Incidents like the Aberdeen players in the pub, the late delivery of Covid results and the actions of Boli, give the government unneeded ammunition to take aim at the game. The results – Aberdeen now have three fixtures to reschedule and Celtic two, thankfully both team’s European ties look still to be going ahead, thankfully, but the game is really one more incident away from being paused for an unknown period of time. 

Considering the amount of time we went without Scottish football, to potentially have it taken away is absolutely unthinkable.

There were cries all over Scotland for last season’s fixtures to be played to an end, but imagine we had actually listened and manged to convince the government to give the go ahead? We are in a situation where now daily positive Covid tests constitute 0.9% of all tests taken, we have thankfully been without a registered death for close to a month. 

A situation like this when Scotland was deep within the first outbreak of this virus could have ruined Scottish football. Footballers are in a privileged position that millions across the country can only dream of. In a time where local authorities are closing off 3G football pitches to stop people from playing seven-a-sides. While encouraging people to eat out several times a week to save the economy – the irony seems to be lost on many people.

Boli is a fully-grown adult whose responsibility for his actions lies at his own door and no one else's. Neil Lennon has told the press that he does not expect Bolingoli within the squad upon completion of his quarantine. He should have expected no less. His actions show the selfishness of the player and his complete disregard for the law. 

A fixed penalty notice has been handed to the defender and I’m sure that a £480 fine will be more than enough to discourage other professionals from making the same mistake... Yeah I don’t really think so.

Boli has no future at Celtic, that is clear. But Scottish football’s future hangs in the balance and this needs to be the wake up call.