Chris Sutton has aimed a sly dig at the Scottish government for allowing rugby fans to partake in a fan return trial this weekend before refusing Celtic the chance to do the same.

Rugby fans will be permitted inside BT Murrayfield as Edinburgh take on Glasgow Warriors in their Pro 14 clash. Celts, meanwhile, had asked for permission to host around 1,000 supporters inside Parkhead for Sunday's Motherwell game, but they were refused.

This sparked fury among football fans, with many criticising what they perceive to be a 'classism' nature of the decision. And Sutton had his say, sarcastically suggesting rugby fans must be a 'much better bunch'. He said on social media: "Good to see the rugby test event still getting the go ahead though on Friday... rugby fans obviously a much better bunch".

Fans were livid with the decision, with one saying: "Middle class rugby fans getting priority over working class football fans in Scotland, who’s surprised?" Another moaned: "Okay for Rugby fans but not for Football fans and we all know why that is and it’s nothing to do with health and safety". 

One blasted: "I don’t care if it’s only 1,000 fans attending.  If football aren’t allowed pilot games before the 14th September, there’s no reason rugby should be. Classism at its finest in Scotland." Another said: "I hope the rugby fans allowed to attend their game on Friday night have a f***ing terrible time."

It is not yet known whether the Scots government took Boli Bolingoli's rule break or Aberdeen players' self-isolation blunder into consideration as one of the potential reasons against granting Celtic their test match.

Celts planned to host a ballot for season ticket holders to make it fair how they would choose which supporters would be available and allowed into the ground had they been given the thumbs up.

Meanwhile Bolingoli has not yet returned to training despite his quarantine period coming to an end. Manager Neil Lennon confirmed the issue and revealed he has not yet had a conversation with the player as the internal investigation into his secret Spain trip goes on.