FORMER Southampton striker Matt Le Tissier has caused an angry backlash on social media after comparing having to wear a face mask in public to the Holocaust.

Le Tissier, who has been outspoken in his belief that face masks should not be mandatory, posted a picture on Twitter with the caption "Remember this".

The image showed a photograph of Anne Frank, with the following text: "The people who hid Ann Frank were breaking the law.

"The people who killed her were following it."

Le Tissier was soon trending on Twitter as angry users reacted to the tasteless comparison.

One user, Rob Davies wrote: "Hi Matt, perhaps you're being ignorant rather than deliberately offensive but please don't invoke the Holocaust to support your crackpot views about masks. Thanks in advance."

To which, Le Tissier replied with four cry laughing emjois.

Chris McDermott, who represented Great Britain at the London Olympics, commented: "Murder of 6 million Jews ≠ wearing a mask in public to protect societies most vulnerable."

Another user, Tom Usher, replied: "Can’t believe Sky Sports sacked you Matt, I think it’s a crying shame. I for one will be gutted to miss out on such analysis as “people that don’t wear masks during a pandemic are equivalent to a little girl hiding from the Nazis during the Holocaust” on Soccer Saturday".