STUART ARMSTRONG has revealed that his club side Southampton have been in contact to try and learn more about the situation surrounding Scotland’s match with the Czech Republic. 

The Dark Blues travel to Olomouc for tonight’s clash against a dramatically modified Czech side, who have been rocked by a positive coronavirus test in their camp. 

As a result Scotland’s opponents are likely to hand international debuts to a large portion of their starting line-up. 

Ahead of the match Armstrong has told how a number of club outfits have been in contact with their Scottish players to ensure they are being looked after in the safest way possible. 

He said: “Clubs have been in contact to ask about the situation but things were cleared up pretty quickly.   

“The testing here and protocols round the camp have been top level, as it has been with clubs going back in pre-season and clubs have started already.   

“It has been a continuation of that very good testing environment. 

“It is not a great situation.  It is another incident of this pandemic that has frustrated individuals.   

“Nothing can be taken for granted at this time and you just need to take situations as you find them.” 

Armstrong is expected to start in the Czech Republic tonight after making an appearance from the substitutes' bench against Israel on Friday. 

Asked if he thinks clubs will be feeling worried about letting their players out on international duty, he added: “I wouldn’t say they were edgy, no. I think they have trust in the organisations when you go to represent your country. 

“Certainly, within our team we have players from a number of different countries. 

“But there is a lot of preparation that goes into that, a lot of contact between the club and the international countries. Everyone is very well prepared.  

“So I would say they’re quite comfortable with the situation.”