Alex Neil has provided a transfer update on Preston duo Daniel Johnson and Ben Davies.

We told yesterday how Neil claimed his side must receive a "proper bid" before he would comment on speculation surrounding his players.

But after Preston's Carabao Cup win over Derby last night, where Celtic linked Davies was left on the bench and Rangers linked Johnson scored the winning goal, Neil explained further that no bids have been received.

He said: "There is nothing in anything about anybody at the moment.

"We don't talk about transfers through the media because I don't think it is fair on the player. People jumped to assumptions which a lot of the time aren't right.

"What we like to do is keep our counsel. If anything does happen the media will be the first to know but at the appropriate time rather than speculation which unsettles people.

"When people get unsettled that is really frustrating for me more than anybody because I'm trying to get my team ready, trying to keep focused, I'm trying to get them ready to be together and try and build something,

"When speculation comes up it is certainly not helpful."

Hailing Johnson for his winning goal, Neil added: "What it shows was his focus. There is always a lot of talk of players and their heads not being right and all that garbage.

"We got the penalty, with DJ it was a case of 'give me the ball, I'll stick it in the net'.

"I was tempted to start him but the problem I had was that I already prepped in my head for this game."