SHANE DUFFY has hit back at accusations he will drop his standards now that he is playing in Scotland, saying he believes his move to Celtic will in fact make him a better player.

Former Republic of Ireland defender Gary Breen expressed concern last week that bad habits would creep into Duffy’s game as he wouldn’t be faced with as tough a challenge in the Scottish Premiership as he was at Brighton in the English Premier League, which in turn would affect his chances of being called up for his country.

But Duffy has refuted the claims of his countryman, and says that Ireland manager Stephen Kenny has given him his backing over making the move to his boyhood heroes, assuring him it won’t impact on his international ambitions.

“That’s [Breen’s] opinion but obviously he doesn’t really know me personally or he’d know I’m not the kind of player who would drop his standards,” Duffy said.

“Playing for a club like Celtic you can’t drop your standards or you don’t play and you don’t win leagues.

“So, I think it’s been a great move for me. Coming up here will help me push on and improve my game more than anything.

“Down south I would be sitting deep and digging in. But I’m on getting on the ball quite a bit now and defender higher up the pitch. If I can add that to my game, I’m hoping it’s going to make me a better player, not pick up bad habits.

“I did [speak to Stephen Kenny about the move]. He was delighted because he knows it’s a different kind of game up here. Rather than sitting deep and trying to defend a lot I’m going to be on the ball and defending a high line.

“It’s better for my game to learn these things and add to my game and also get the mentality of winning games every week. So, he was delighted.”