SCOTT BROWN says that the topic of 10 in-a-row is off limits at Celtic, with the key to their nine consecutive titles so far being their ability not to get carried away.

The Celtic captain says that noone at the club is talking about their chance to make history this season, and that he won’t allow anyone to discuss it until they have delivered that 10th Premiership crown.

“We talk about Nine-in-a-row – because we’ve done that,” Brown said.

“We talk about Livingston – because that was last weekend. But do we talk about 10? No.

“For it’s doing the same as we’ve always done. You don’t want to get too far ahead of yourselves or carried away.

“If you start looking at games and thinking, we’ve got a cup semi or final here, a big game there, it’s an easy Treble.

“There’s no such thing as an easy Treble. Things never go to plan. It’s about taking each game individually and that’s what makes these lads so strong.

“We just concentrate on the game ahead. We don’t get too excited, don’t get too emotional.

“We play the game and focus on who we’re playing. That’s the big thing, not getting carried away with our form.

“If we keep winning games, all we know is we’ll keep a smile on everyone’s faces. We aim to do that for as long as we possibly can.”

Meanwhile, Brown insists that he is happy to be part of a rotation system at the club, after manager Neil Lennon suggested at the weekend that he may choose to give his 35-year-old skipper an occasional rest from the starting XI.

Although not keen to miss games, Brown understands that he may have to take the odd break in order to manage the rigours of a condensed season.

"Myself and the gaffer always speak about everything, and he will ask how I feel,” he said.

"I feel good just now and I will keep maintaining my fitness, and try not to get injured.

"I'll get another rest during the international break and that's always good.”