Ryan Edwards has given an honest assessment of his challenge on Alfredo Morelos, which forced the Colombian off the pitch with a nasty gash on his thigh.

The Dundee United defender took the ball before following through on the striker and he insists he did not go out to cause harm with his tackle.

Edwards wasn't given a card for the challenge and earlier this week Ibrox manager Steven Gerrard was charged by the SFA for his comments regarding the incident post match.

Speaking this morning, Edwards explained: "I see myself as an aggressive player, being a defender as well. I have not gone in to hurt the lad.

"I have gone in strongly to win the ball because that is my job to do. I didn't think it was bad at the time. Somebody said he had a nasty gash in his leg that I wasn't aware of at the time.

"I just wasn't happy with their players surrounding the referee. That was my only reaction because I don't like people trying to get others sent off.

"Luckily enough, it is good to see him okay and scoring goals again. I was made aware of some screenshots of his leg.

"I never have and never will go out to try and hurt somebody deliberately. Unfortunately, he went off in pain from the challenge.

"I went to take the ball and I have taken the ball.

"There might have been a follow-through naturally, as your body does, but I didn't see anything wrong and, in my opinion, it was never worthy of a red card.

"In Scotland, it is more highlighted, with the games being televised and more publicity.

"In England, the lower leagues are overshadowed by the Premier League and the Championship."