TO say Luke and Tom Stoltman are “just a couple of dafties who lift weights” - Luke’s words - would be like saying Usain Bolt is a cheery guy who wasn’t bad at jogging.

Lockdown restrictions may have derailed many of the events the Invergordon brothers had lined up for 2020 but that hasn’t completely ended their ambitions when it comes to lifting and moving items so heavy that it would not be unreasonable to call on a crane for assistance.

Luke is the elder of the two by a decade and with a voice so deep you could get the bends just listening to it.

Approaching his 36th birthday, Scotland’s Strongest Man for five years running and a seventh-placed finisher in last year’s World Strongest Man event has no plans to put up his feet and settle for a less labour-intensive career any time soon.

Having recently given up working offshore to dedicate himself fully to his chosen discipline, he will shortly look to break the log press world record that currently stands at 228kg, the equivalent of lifting two All Blacks forwards in one go with a scrum-half piled on top for good measure.

“Technically-wise, I’d say I’m one of the best log pressers out there,” says Luke, known as The Highland Oak. “I’m really hoping to prove that and show the depth of strength that Scotland has to offer in this field.

“I’ve been doing this for 20 years now but I’m still motivated by progression. That’s all I ask from myself as an athlete. I’ve only recently turned full-time and I’m already seeing a big difference. And I love what I do. If I stay fit and healthy I can see myself doing this for another five to 10 years to fulfil the potential that I have.

“We’re from a small town of 6000 people and we’re usually competing in events in front of 15,000 spectators. That adrenaline really keeps you going and pushes you on. My aim is to win World’s Strongest Man so if I could do that even once I would retire happily after that.”

When that day comes, Luke knows he will have left a fitting legacy. It was through watching his big brother’s performances that Tom Stoltman was inspired to follow in those giant footsteps, pipping Luke to the title of Scotland’s Strongest Man in the last two years and finishing fifth in the global edition in 2019.

The 26 year-old is nicknamed The Albatross and will put that ginormous wing span to good use when he aims to extend his existing world record in lifting Atlas Stones that currently stands at 286kg or 45 stone. It makes the eyes water and the back twinge just thinking about it.

“I’ve prepared really thoroughly for it and done all the right things,” says Tom. “I’m confident I can lift 300kg and then I can start to think about maybe trying for 350kg.

“I want to take this record to a level where it will never be beaten. To be known already as the King of the Stones means a lot to me. And I want that title to still be in place in 30 or 40 years’ time and I can tell my kids about it.”

The Reign Total Body Fuel athletes will continue to compete against each other in the years ahead but Luke reveals there’s more pride than rivalry when he watches his younger brother in action.

“I’m 10 years older than him so he’ll always be my baby brother even though he’s a giant! When he first did the World’s Strongest Man a few years back I had my sunglasses on and that was just to hide the tears I had as I was so proud of him.”

Tom, in turn, reveals how Luke has helped him grow as an individual, both mentally as well as physically.

“I was diagnosed with autism when I was three or four years old and was never a confident person,” he reveals.

“I always needed someone there to push me at anything. When I first started Strongman, Luke was always there for me. He would do the talking in interviews and I would just stand there and nod! Having Luke around was always a great comfort for me. He has been such a massive inspiration and helped me come out of my shell a bit more. I can’t thank him enough for that.”

- Luke and Tom Stoltman are Reign Total Body Fuel athletes. Tom will attempt the Atlas Stone World Record on September 27 (6pm BST) and Luke will attempt the Log Press on October 11 (6pm BST). Watch on