Former Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers admits he ‘can’t imagine’ the Old Firm fixture being played behind closed doors.

The Leicester boss managed the Hoops between 2016-2019 and was involved in a handful of clashes between his side and Rangers.

He believes the game will be entirely different without fans inside the stadium, though the intensity will remain between players.

And he reckons the Glasgow derby is the most intense match he’s been involved in - despite working on the sidelines at Liverpool against the likes of Manchester United and Everton.

“The Celtic and Rangers games are games that, the run-in and the week before actually normally starts two or three weeks out,” he said.

“It’s such a passionate derby, incredible games to be involved in. I can’t even imagine it without the supporters, to be honest.

“When I was there the majority of games we played it was full of support and, in the final year, it was only the home support and maybe only about 800 of the away support.

“They’ll be totally different games without the supporters but it’s an iconic game, a fixture like no other. I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in Liverpool Everton games and Liverpool Manchester United games, even Swansea City Cardiff there was an edge to that one. But nothing compares to Celtic Rangers.

“It’s a totally different intensity altogether and an incredible game to be involved in.”