STEVEN GERRARD was disappointed with the lack of 'class' and 'humility' from Standard after a post-match melee marred Rangers' fine Europa League win in Belgium.

Liege reacted angrily to Kemar Roofe after he scored a stunning late strike from his own half to add a shine to a terrific 2-0 victory for the Light Blues.

Players from both sides clashed after the final whistle as Standard targeted the former Anderlecht star and Gerrard reckons the reaction was over the top as home staff also got involved in the unsavoury scenes.

Gerrard said: “I can't control what comes our way from that. I don't think I'd describe it as ugly. I think it's too harsh. I think it was a little something or nothing.

“They were disappointed in Kemar's celebration. OK but Kemar was punished for that and that's for me to deal with and for me to handle.

“They are obviously very frustrated that they have been beaten for the first time in six years on their home patch.

“It's not nice to lose a football match, especially when you're the favourites to win them. We can understand the frustrations but it was disappointing. We thought it could have been avoided.

"I think that’s the problem when you get a couple of their staff members who get over-excited and don’t handle themselves with class and humility.

"Look, the Kemar situation was for me to deal with. I would have had a quiet word with him.

"But he was lost in the moment and had just scored the best goal of his career so far. He has been punished for what he did and that should have been the end of it.

"I think when the dust settles Standard Liege will be disappointed in how they reacted. But, look, we move on we will welcome them to Ibrox with class and look forward to that game."