David Moyes has gone to bat over Celtic and Rangers entering the English Premier League.

The West Ham boss argued that the Hoops and Light Blues would be well suited to the top tier of English football and would both bring a lot of support and eyes to the product down south.

With a new European League being floated in recent months, the likes of Liverpool and Manchester United both already being touted to take part, Moyes reckons the Old Firm would be a good addition to England's game. And he hopes the big league remains the same for now - unless there's an agreement to bring Neil Lennon and Steven Gerrard's lads south.

"I think the Champions League is a really good format, I can only guess this is all to do with money," Moyes said of the breakaway league. "The one good thing the Premier League does, and what I learnt in Spain, was that most of the money from the TV goes to Real Madrid and Barcelona and then the rest of the clubs get their appropriate amount going down.

"That’s the last thing we want in the Premier League because the one thing I will say is everybody gets the same at the start, the same amount of money, obviously the bigger club might get some extra from TV but at least at the start we try to be fair.

"If we then get into the situation where certain clubs are going to have so much more than others then it is going to make the competition worse, at the moment there is still the doubt of how some games can go and their outcome so I hope it doesn’t happen.

"I think that Celtic and Rangers should have been joining the Premier League but that is not going to be the case, those two clubs up there are huge and I think it would have been great."

Asked if the two Scottish giants would cause problems in England, Moyes added: "Yeah and I think that's something that's a big consideration but as someone who comes from Scotland I think both Celtic and Rangers are completely under estimated in what they would bring to a league. I think having them and their level of support would be good for the Premier League. That's my opinion.

"Yes it would effect Scottish football, just like the effect would come if some s-called bigger clubs went into a European league. We wouldn't necessarily like that.

"I've been hoping for 40 or 50 years that Rangers and Celtic might get into the Premier League so why suddenly can we change the dynamics of the set-up of the English leagues and go to a European League. Surely it couldn't be done that quickly."