Aiden McGeady has lifted the lid on exactly what happened to spark a dressing room brawl between himself and madcap goalkeeper Artur Boruc.

The pair came to blows as teammates following an argument on the training pitch over something as innocuous as a free-kick. The story has grown arms and legs over the years but McGeady finally provided his side of the story on Open Goal with Si Ferry and Paul Slane.

McGeady claims Boruc was furious at the awarding of a free-kick in training and attempted to rush him after the disagreement. And when the Pole 'apologised' in the changing room afterwards, he landed a sucker-punch on the winger. Then things spilled over into the showers - with a starkers Boruc thumping the Irishman again.

McGeady recalled: "He was in the wrong that day. There were times when I was in the wrong, I've been cheeky to people and got a punch, but he was in the wrong that day.

"We were arguing about a free kick. Artur was like 'play on, play on' and I said 'mate shut up, it's a free kick'. When I said that, he's obviously flipped. I was standing and I've heard people saying 'woah woah!', so I turned around and big Artur was running at me.

"He went to throw a punch but I've moved out of the way of it and he did a forward roll after. I asked what he was playing at and he said 'I'll get you in there'... and to be fair he did get me in there.

"I was sitting reading a paper, it was quiet sly the way he did it because he was standing above me. He offered his hand and said he was sorry about earlier on.

"So I put my hand out and he just went bang and cracked me. It was a good punch because I had an immediate black eye. I tried to get him back. I stood up, obviously raging, I'm not going to batter Artur Boruc, am I?

"He is an absolute streetwise, 6ft 4, Polish bear, do you know what I mean? He could actually handle himself as well. I tried to get back at him, everyone is in the middle, and I'm cutting about with this black eye.

"Artur's like 'I told you, I told you' and then walked in the shower, and a few guys are about mixing it like, 'I wouldn't be taking that man'. So I thought 'you're right'. I just went in the shower after him but he spotted me coming and got me again.

"I'm trying to wrestle him. I had my training kit on but he was naked. "I was trying to get a dig in at him but he was man handling me to the ground. He was ready to boot me but Gaz Caldwell and [Glenn Loovens] grabbed him and wrestled him away."