Much has been written in the last few months regarding Scotland’s coefficient with fans tracking the quest for two Champions League spots and automatic qualification.

While all of Scotland’s teams in Europe have contributed to the growing coefficient points, results picked up by Celtic and Rangers this week resulted in a remarkable stat.

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In 20/21, Scotland is in the top 5 for coefficient points won, ahead of the likes of Germany, Portugal, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and more. 

As the chart from Uefa Calculator show, the nation has amassed 5.250 points so far this season with both Celtic and Rangers still in the Europa League. 

While a significant number of points were picked up in qualification, the feat by Scotland is still remarkable given that nations such as Germany, France, Spain and England received coefficient points for sides automatically making the Champions League group stage

Only England, Spain, Italy, and Israel have collected more coefficient points this season. 

While many may downplay the role of Scottish teams in Europe, Scotland has already outscored two of their last five seasons in Europe, with the nation gaining 4.375 points in 2016/17 and 4.000 points in 2017/18. 

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Those getting hopeful over the prospect of automatic qualification next season need to heed some caution. National coefficients are based on the results of each association's clubs in the five previous UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League seasons. Scotland’s ranking for season 21/22 has already been decided based on the last campaign, with Scotland set for 14th place. 

However, at the end of each season, the points gained from the earliest season are dropped and replaced with the figures from the most recent season.

This means that regardless of what Celtic and Rangers do from now on in Europe, Scotland will enter the next cut off in better shape than this season, with the 4.375 points being replaced by the final total this season. 

While other nations will undoubtedly pick up more points, Scotland looks once again to rise up the coefficient charts - which could result in fewer qualification ties and easier access to the top table of European football.