NEIL LENNON says that it may be time for his Celtic players to adapt to his trademark managerial style rather than the other way around, as he conceded he may have changed his approach too much in order to please modern-day footballers.

Lennon was furious with the lack of hunger from his men during the humiliating home defeat to Sparta Prague on Thursday night, and he abandoned his usual policy of defending his players in public as tore strips off them for their lackadaisical display.

Having been criticised for adopting a more mellow approach both in private and on the touchline during his second spell in charge of the club, Lennon says it may be time for him to revert to the fierier demeanour that was the hallmark of his first reign at Celtic Park.

“If I am going to get performances like I did against Sparta Prague, then yeah, because it will be my head that is on the block," Lennon said.

“I’ll be honest, I didn’t see it coming. Nothing surprises you in football, but for this group of players to play with that lack of desire? It is on them.

“They have to roll their sleeves up now and show that one, they want to play for the club and, two, they want to be successful.

“They have to show they haven’t lost that hunger because they looked on Thursday night as though they lacked hunger.

“Maybe I’ve gone too far in terms of [changing my style], I don’t know.

“We’re just too inconsistent at the minute. We looked as though we had a bit of consistency going into the [October] international break and then they have been so inconsistent coming out of it.

“There was a great performance last weekend [against Aberdeen] and then totally insipid against Sparta Prague and we [management] haven’t changed.

“We haven’t changed the training regime, we haven’t changed the timings, we haven’t changed the tactics.

“I’ve got to cut the malaise. It’s my job to nip it in the bud. And maybe become that little bit tougher on them now. To get some response for them. A proper response.

“Maybe getting a little bit harder of them might be the way forward. A little bit. But then you can get criticised for that.

“Ultimately, they are professional footballers and the reputation of the club is important. If they fall below that standard, then they need reminding of their responsibilities.

"That [on Thursday] was not a reflection of me. I’ve told them that. That’s not a reflection on me and how I want my teams to play."