DJ KT took charge of the sounds as he and his Scotland team mates partied into the wee sma’ hours in Belgrade after their nail-biting win over Serbia.

Kieran Tierney pumped up the volume on 1970s disco hit Yes Sir, I Can Boogie – a cheeky dig at Andrew Considine for his infamous stag weekend video – in the dressing room as they celebrated their Euro 2020 play-off final success.

And the entire squad took part in the “Marsh Conga” around the team room back at their hotel in an impromptu tribute to goalkeeper and penalty shoot-out hero David Marshall.

Stephen O’Donnell, the Motherwell player who had been magnificent at wing back for Steve Clarke’s side in the Rajko Mitic Stadium, enjoyed the wild festivities on Thursday night along with all of his jubilant countrymen.

“It’s a great bunch of boys and everybody works hard for each other,” he said. “So it was amazing to be in that dressing room jumping around to ‘I Can Boogie’.

“KT is the DJ so you’ll need to ask him where he plucked that one from. Let’s just say there’s a bit of back story to it, but I don’t want to throw anybody under the bus!

“But it was brilliant and big Andy was right in the middle of it. It just shows how much the boys are together and the great banter we have as team mates.

“We even had Johnny the chef in there dancing along with us. He wasn’t part of the squad when I first got in it - and I know this sounds like such a small thing - but the food has gone to the next level now that he’s part of it.

“The boys who are at the very top of the game will tell you that all these wee things make a big difference. And it just shows you how big a part of the camp that he is when he’s in there joining in with the celebrations.

“It’s the same with the whole staff. It’s a collective and as players we are just delighted that we were able to be the selected for the squad and to be part of it.”

After the wheels of steel had been packed away and O’Donnell was asked for his thoughts on how Scotland had finally ended 22 years of hurt and failure he was in no doubt – their “balls of steel”.

The national team dominated the meeting with opponents who were expected to triumph and progress, took the lead through Ryan Christie and were devastated when they conceded a goal with just seconds of regulation time remaining.

The Fir Park defender felt the way the visitors took the game to penalties and then converted all five of their spot kicks showed the character and desire of a close-knit group.

“I’ve got to be honest, I’m a bit worse for wear as I’m sure you can imagine,” he said. “It’s a mixture of a good game followed by a good night.

“We know how happy everyone is back home and it’s a brilliant feeling because of everything else that’s been going on this year. It doesn’t make the Covid situation go away but, after 22 years, I think this is what everybody needed.”

O’Donnell continued: “The circumstances maybe made it feel even better because it did look like we had got so close again and maybe it was going to slip away.

“But we showed balls of steel and probably in typical Scottish fashion because we had battered them for 90 minutes. I don’t think anybody could argue that, over the 90 minutes, we didn’t deserve to win that game.

“After we lost the late goal we had to get ourselves back together. They dominated us in extra-time, but we got through it. Then the boys stood up to take the penalties for the second massive game in a row. For them to have the balls to do what they did was just fantastic.

“It was an amazing to be part of it. Certainly, in terms of my professional life it’s by far the best night of my career, without a doubt. It was just exceptional. It wasn’t just that we won. It was the way we did it.”

O’Donnell and his Motherwell team mate Declan Gallagher, who marked Aleksandar Mitrovic out of the game, contributed to the performance and result massively despite plying their trade at a lower level than the likes of John McGinn, Scott McTominay, Tierney and Andy Robertson.

“We played in a great fashion against a good side,” he said. “You talk about the talent in their side and then you look at us with two Motherwell players in a back five.

“The front three of their team is from the top end of world football, but we kept them very quiet. It was only late in the match when they started lumping long balls up the park that they caused us problems.

“But I couldn’t really care less about that anyway. We won. The night was amazing and the boys are all over the moon. From 1 to 25, every single one of couldn’t have been happier for the collective and for the country.”

Asked about Gallagher, he said: “What players look for most of the time is to have a manager who trusts you. That’s what Declan got when he was picked ahead of the centre halves who were available.

“You’ve got Liam Cooper who is an outstanding Premier League player and Scott McKenna who is doing brilliantly down in the Championship. So for a Motherwell player to get the nod shows that the manager trusted him. That’s the best way to get the best out of players.

“It wouldn’t have been a lack of trust if he chose someone else. But he trusted Declan to do the job and Declan rewarded him with an outstanding performance against Mitrovic who is a household name in England.

“I don’t know about heroes but I certainly think we’ve done our bit to make a wee bit of history. I think we’d all now just like the chance to stay in the squad for the tournament itself and play at Hampden and Wembley.”