DAVID RICHARDS gave Colin McRae the chance to showcase his talents to the world. Little did he know just how much of an impact the Scot would have on the British public as he became a motorsport legend.

It is an affection that still lasts to the this day as fans recall the afternoon 25 years ago that McRae wrote his name in the record books as the youngest ever World Champion with victory in the RAC Rally.

Prodrive chairman Richards had overseen McRae's rise through the ranks as British titles were secured but his crowning moment would come in Chester as he guided his Subaru Impreza to title glory.

The occasion captured the imagination of the public and the sight of McRae spraying champagne and performing celebratory doughnuts continue to live long in the memory as fans reminisce on the anniversary of the Scot's success.

"When I look back now and think about that event and think about the following that it created, the interest on television, on front pages of newspapers, everyone wanted to see Colin succeed and win that World title," Richards told BT Sport.

"You couldn't see the trees for the flags waving and everybody shouting. This was something that was hard to imagine and is hard to explain to anyone today.

"We have seen Lewis Hamilton win World titles in Formula One, but this was more than that, you know. There were millions of people who would go out and watch the event and it was something quite extraordinary."