DEREK MCINESS has called for the Scottish FA to take more of a lead on the testing procedures in the domestic and international game following the latest Coronavirus controversy to hit Aberdeen.

Dons midfielder Ross McCrorie will have to self-isolate after testing positive for Covid-19 whilst on Scotland Under-21 duty last week, while brother Robby and Celtic star David Turnbull have also contracted the virus.

McInnes was denied the services of Lewis Ferguson and Connor McLennan for the Premiership clash with Rangers on Sunday after they were deemed to be close contacts and ordered to isolate.

The Pittodrie boss has insisted that Ferguson and McLennan followed all protocols and advice to reduce their chances of infection and believes the entire 21s squad should have been tested again after a member of the Scotland staff was confirmed as Covid positive.

“We always test our players before they are allowed back into the bubble again especially when they have been travelling in Europe,” McInnes said in the aftermath of the 4-0 defeat at Ibrox.

“I don’t think that it is always the case as it is not necessary if they don’t have to. Surely that should be better. I am disappointed.

“The SFA just deliver the news and then you have to deal with it. That is what sticks in manager’s throats.

“It is not just me, there are a lot of managers out there unhappy at the attitude really of having to just deal with it.

“We will take your players you deal with the consequences. The expense of all of this has fallen on the clubs.

“I think it should be incumbent on the SFA to protect our game. Like it is for random drug testing they should have a compliance company to go round and randomly drop in on clubs to make sure they are doing it all right.

“There are too many issues and I think if they really tighten things up that shouldn’t be the case.

“The SFA are just letting clubs get on with it to deal with the consequences and deal with the financial part of it and I don’t think that is right.”