Kris Commons reckons the fans who bombarded Neil Lennon with abuse outside Parkhead last night are the same type of supporters who would have daubed graffiti outside Kieran Tierney's home after he left for Arsenal.

The Celtic support were furious after their side lost 2-0 at home to Ross County as they surrendered their unbeaten cup run. And hundreds gathered outside Celtic Park to make their feelings known. The protest turned ugly when metal fences were thrown and two police officers were injured.

A section of the support have been criticised by a number of famous faces around Scotland including Ally McCoist and Andy Walker and now Commons has slammed the 'morons' for their behaviour.

In his Daily Mail column, the ex-midfielder wrote: "'Lennon, Lennon get to f***'. That was the chant from people who call themselves 'the best fans in the world'. The same people who would tell Lennon that he'd 'never walk alone' when he was going through some of his darkest days on a personal level amid sectarian abuse.

"Frankly, the fans involved in those protests last night should be ashamed of themselves. In the fullness of time, this will be viewed as a desperately dark day for the club.

"Yeah, if they want a change of manager, then fair enough. But there's a way to express your opinion and that certainly wasn't it. These would doubtless have been the same people who spray-painted graffiti all over Kieran Tierney 's house on the back of his move to Arsenal.

"It is moronic behaviour and all the more so when they've clearly broken every rule in the book in the middle of a pandemic.

"The sense of entitlement that has developed among the fanbase in recent years has been staggering. Particularly in the younger 'Ultras', the obsession with 10 in a row has become dangerously unhealthy."