RANGERS supporters are set to become the largest individual shareholder at Ibrox after Dave King agreed a deal to sell his major stake to Club 1872.

The move will see the fan organisation control more than 25 per cent of the shares in RIFC plc as King brings an end to his long association with his boyhood heroes.

The blockbuster deal means Club 1872 – who are currently the sixth largest investors at Ibrox – will surpass the crucial 25 per cent plus one share mark that gives it the power to veto major boardroom deals.

Here is how the Ibrox powerbase stands at present as Rangers fans stand on the brink of controlling a significant shareholding and having a key say in the future of their club.

New Oasis Asset Limited: 66,672,893 shares 20.37%

Douglas Park: 40,000,000 shares 12.22%

George Alexander Taylor: 31,574,998 shares 9.65%

Stuart Gibson: 25,000,000 shares 7.64%

Borita Investments Limited: 23,611,955 shares 7.22%

Club 1872: 16,202,838 shares 4.95%

John Bennett: 15,800,000 shares 4.83%

Barry Scott: 15,145,000 shares 4.63%

George Letham:14,774,516 shares 4.519%