The Scottish FA are investigating claims of a ‘homophobic slur’ made by Michael Gardyne, according to STV.

Gardyne was seen to make a comment that caused a reaction from the Rangers team and bench at the end of the first half, during Ross County’s match with the Ibrox side on Sunday.

It was not clear at the time what was said, but according to STV reporter Raman Bhardwaj, the SFA's compliance officer is investigating a ‘homophobic slur’.

Speaking after the match, Steven Gerrard said on the incident: "What was apparently said doesn't belong on a football pitch.

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"There are campaigns for this sort of stuff to be eradicated out the game and we want to be at the forefront backing these campaigns.

"But as I say this wasn't one of my players so it's not really for me to deal with.

"I wanted to know if the referee heard what my players heard. He said he never, so from there I just moved on and went to do my half-time team talk and focused on the game."

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Ross County boss Stuart Kettlewell said: "What I do know is what the referee has booked him for for. I heard him confirming that at half-time in the tunnel and it wouldn't suggest it was anything more than that but again I will probably have to get to the bottom of that myself and get to the bottom of the words that were said."

According to Gardyne's agent Tom Callaghan, the Staggies man strongly denies any allegations made against him.

He told the Daily Record: "I have spoken to Michael at length and some of the allegations that have been made are absolutely ludicrous.

"We will back and defend Michael all the way to clear his name."

Ross County have since asked for time to "get to the bottom" of the allegations levelled at Gardyne.

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