Rangers' managing director Stewart Robertson has provided an update on the club's dispute with the BBC and their desire to end it ammicably in future.

The public service broadcaster has not covered the Ibrox outfit fully - including interviews with manager Steven Gerrard and pre and post-match coverage - following a 2016 fallout when senior sports reporter Chris McLaughlin was banned from the ground.

Gers claimed they did not receive fair and balanced coverage while the Beeb deemed the ban as "unjustifiable". And when asked at the club's AGM about when the situation may change, Mr Robertson revealed talks are ongoing and Gers want a positive outcome.

"This is a long-running saga, unfortunately, it's over five years that we've had a dispute with the BBC," he said. "We've had issues with the manner of which the BBC have reported on the club and the players and employees in the past.

"We feel that we weren't getting a fair and balanced narrative from the BBC so we took that to a senior level and it's still being discussed with them and those discussions will continue.

"We're seeking a positive resolution to it so our supporters who don't have access to games and through other means, will be able to hear Steven and commentary to games. But we're not yet there, unfortunately."

The BBC were also criticised earlier this year when pundit Michael Stewart took aim at Rangers' communications director James Traynor and branded him a 'bully' - an issue that prompted BBC to remove Stewart from his TV role until he apologised and promised it would not happen again.