Jack Ross last night branded BBC reporter Kenny Macintyre disrespectful over his line of questioning following Hibs' 3-0 loss to St Johnstone in the Betfred Cup semi-final.

Ross was livid with his side for their dire second-half performance and clashed with Macintyre after he pushed the manager on elements of what went wrong for his side at Hampden.

The Hibs boss did not take kindly to Macintyre's attempts at questioning and pointed to the journalist's midweek interview with Celtic's Neil Lennon where the Northern Irishman walked off as a similar situation. And he insisted he should be 'more respectful' to managers.

You can read the full interview from BBC Sport Scotland below.

KM: Talk about the second-half...

JR: Kenny wait a minute, wait a minute. I heard your interview during the week, right, where I think sometimes you’re a bit disrespectful to managers because I’ve explained the first-half performance and I’ve explained the second-half performance, in terms of it being about heart, character and guts, and about how you do things in the face of adversity.

So that would suggest that if I understood a lot about football, then there’s not really a tactical element that comes into that. Wait a minute, wait a minute, let me speak. I’ve answered your questions fully and respectfully and I think it would be good if that was a two-way street as well.

KM: Of course I respect you, Jack. I’m just trying to dig in for Hibs fans looking at that second half, you’ve got a very very good squad here. I’m just wondering what went wrong in that second period.

JR: But wait a minute, have I not explained that several times already, no?

KM: I think you were talking about the character of the players, that they didn’t show up...

JR: Wait a minute Kenny, I didn’t say they didn’t show up. Are you asking questions and not listening to the answers? I've already explained it to you. At the risk of repeating myself I've explained it, we played well first-half, the second half we didn’t react well in any way.

So I think I feel as if you ask me the same question, you’re going to get the same answer, which would suggest this interview could go on for a while and get very boring for everybody because I’ve explained it and I’m accepting my responsibility will be there all the time because I’m the manager.

I think your line of questioning is becoming a little bit tiresome, for want of a better word, and I think it’s about time you start to show greater respect, not just to me but to other managers in this job.

KM: Well I think that’s unfair, I’m just trying to reflect what fans would want to ask, Jack.

JR: But wait a minute, Kenny. You think that’s unfair. Sometimes I think how you speak to managers is unfair, okay? So let’s just leave it at that.