Hard not to think Monday 1st March has all the makings of a watershed moment for all WoSFL clubs.

It’s the day when the SFA has promised, most probably following informed discussions with the Scottish Government, to provide an update as to whether the current suspension affecting lower league football is to remain in place or if there is any likelihood of a restart date for the current season in the offing.

Even more momentously, later the same evening (7pm) is when a Special General Meeting, via Zoom, has been convened for the pre-ordained purpose of electing a first ever WoSFL Management Board to take over future governance of the WoSFL from the Scottish Lowland Football League.

Up to now, their administration of the new league set-up has been through an Interim Management Group (IMG) whose secretary Kenny Young laid bare some of the issues needing resolved at the Special General Meeting in a detailed Twitter message to clubs yesterday that stated: “The governance and business of the League will rest with the Board of the Scottish Lowland Football League until such time as the Board and Office Bearers are elected, no later than March 2021.

"In accordance with the above Rule the SLFL are handing over Governance to the WoSFL membership and the Special General Meeting has been called to facilitate the handover.

"During their time of administration of the WoSFL the IMG have identified that certain rules within the Constitution and Rules would not suit the needs of the WoSFL and would hamper the progress of the League.

"We have 67 clubs in membership and that number looks likely to increase so our belief is the WoSFL would be better served by 3 secretaries rather than just 1 and it is therefore proposed we have a General Secretary, a Discipline Secretary and a Fixture Secretary.

"We also appreciate that finding the right people to fulfil the Office Bearer roles of the 3 Secretaries and a Treasurer that are not already connected to a member club and are unwilling to give up their role with their club would be nigh on impossible, so we are also proposing that these roles are open to anyone as long as they are proposed and seconded by member clubs.

"In all likelihood the people with the knowledge and experience required will be with a club so we need the Constitution and Rules altered to allow us to elect the right people for the roles.

"The proposed changes have been attached to the message sent to the Club Secretaries and can also be found on the Club Admin Site.

"The second item on the agenda will be to form the Management Board of the WoSFL therefore anyone interested in any of the positions on the Board (Chair, Vice-Chair, General Secretary, Discipline Secretary, Fixture Secretary, Treasurer or Club Representative) should fill in the form to be found on the website. It can be found here – West of Scotland Football League (wosfl.co.uk)

"The closing date and time for applications is Monday 22nd February 2021 at 8PM.

The SGM will be closed following the election of the Board and a General Meeting will then take place to allow discussion on a few topics that need addressed.”

It’s thought East Kilbride-based Dave McKenna’s alleged intention to step down from his current WoSFL chairman position to concentrate on his Lowland League affairs in tandem with a desire among rank and file membership clubs to look after their own affairs will have no shortage of nominations for the key Office Bearer roles.

It borders on the unthinkable for Kenny Young not to be re-elected as Fixtures Secretary while the likes of Matt Bamford (Clydebank) and Colin Boyd (Kilwinning Rangers) are sure to have strong backing to land the coveted chairman position (if vacant) however therein lies a potential dilemma for the membership.

Both their clubs are considered to be leading contenders for this season’s WoSFL Premier Division title which earns the winners a play-off place for entry into the Lowland League so the possibility cannot be ruled out of either man having to resign the chair just a few months from now.

Other highly regarded club officials thought to have a fair number of proposers are George Watson (Cumbernauld United), Bobby McNamara (Ardrossan Winton Rovers) and Gordon Ronney (Kilbirnie Ladeside) while it has to be more probable than not for big guns Auchinleck Talbot and Pollok to want a voice at the top table.

The topics for discussion once board election formalities are complete will undoubtedly include the SFA’s decision from earlier in the day which insiders believe can only be positive if there is a softening on the Scottish Government’s part with regard to regular Coronavirus tests being carried out on players at lower league level.

And it remains to be seen whether the newly appointed Board will dare to tackle the elephant in the room… getting supporters back into games.

Hard not to conclude it will continue to be a no-no for any restarting of the current campaign however the real thorny issues will come to the table if fans do not get the  green light for the forthcoming 2021/22 season.

For instance, will the 14 withdrawals from this season opt out again? Will the 48 clubs that did participate show the same willingness to throw their hats in the ring? Should provisional plans be drawn up for a delay to next season getting underway?

Well, as comedian Jimmy Cricket might say... “And there’s more”