NEIL LENNON’s Celtic legacy will not be compromised by this season, according to former Parkhead manager Gordon Strachan.

Strachan has made a comparison between Lennon and the late Tommy Burns, believing that their feelings for the club will ensure their time is framed in a particular context.

Lennon left the club this week after a tumultuous season and with Celtic 18 points off the pace of Rangers. There has been anger towards Lennon from the Celtic support but Strachan expects time to soften their fury.

Speaking to Football Pass, he said: "Tommy Burns is probably the most loved Celtic player of all time because he was a genuine fan.  

"And when Tommy was the manager, that was his thing - about letting the fans down. And Neil picked up on that as well. Tommy felt bad about this, really bad. Over the years Tommy didn't win the league, he won the cup and lost in a league cup final.   

"But when all is said and done he is probably the most loved Celtic person of all time. And that is what is going to happen to Neil Lennon. He is going to come back, people will forget this last six months and remember all the good things he has done. There will be a rebirth then.   

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"That is going to happen. If you look at the history of the past 20 years, he’s been involved in most of it – the histories moments of winning things when [Martin O’Neill] was there up to when I was there.  

“He was the manager when they beat Barcelona. Just think about that.  

If you are a fan and you think you are hurting just now, be in his shoes for an hour today. I don’t care what anybody feels like at this moment, no one fees as bad as him.”

And Strachan has also insisted that the growing presence of Rangers has given Lennon problems that the Parkhead side haven’t had to deal with in any time over the last decade or so.

Such a theory is underlined by the fact that Celtic, in theory, could still eclipse their points tally from Brendan Rodgers’ last season while there is also the chance that this term, for all its faults, could still end with a higher points tally than from three of the nine-in-a-row years.

“Rangers have been terrific. They’ve not just shown it in the league they’ve shown it in Europe. They have got better and better,” said Strachan. “No one in the previous eight years had ever had to deal with a side as good as them – nowhere near the Rangers teams we are seeing just now.  

“They were bang average and are now completely different. 

“When it settles down, there will be a time to look back over the past 20 years at Celtic and see how we got to there and now. 

“He’s up there with the top people that’s ever played for the club. He’s managed the club, coached the club, he’s been everything.”

Glasgow Times:

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Strachan is confident that after a period out of football that Lennon will look to get back to it.

“I hope he’s not lost to the game,” he said. “Where do you go after this? It’s not easy leaving the Celtic job.  It’s hard to see what he’ll want to do with himself.  

“But the strange thing is that after a period of time, you miss the madness of the West of Scotland.  

“It’s a time for reflection and to look forward and to enjoy what’s gone past and take off in another direction now.”