John Kennedy has insisted that he has no interest in using his interim managerial role at Celtic as an opportunity to showcase his credentials for taking on the role on a permanent basis.

The 37-year-old has been handed the job following this week’s departure of Neil Lennon with his focus on restoring a sense of stability to the club between now and the end of the season rather than stoking his personal ambitions.

Kennedy first game in charge will be for tomorrow afternoon’s game against Aberdeen as Celtic look to settle after a tumultuous week.

“People who know me know that’s not my style,” said Kennedy. “It’s not about me, it’s not like I’m going around saying, ‘I’m in charge’. 

"I honestly don't see it like that. I even spoke to the players in that respect.  This is not a time about me, in terms of what are my ambitions and what might come out of this for me? 

"I really don't care. All I want to do is the right thing for the club and the people I work with every day. I want to restore pride and get some spirit around the club, but beyond that I haven't given any thought to myself.

"It doesn't matter to me at the moment. The only thing that matters is doing the right thing for the club.

"I know the players well, I have a good relationship with them and I just want to guide them through this period with the help of the staff.

"I want to try to lift the clouds, because things can get on top of you when it's not going well, and let some sun through.

"It's been a hectic week with the situation we have been in. It came as a bit of a surprise late on Tuesday evening for myself when I got the call. 

"It's been tough dealing with the departure of Neil as we were very close with how we worked. 

"But Neil had a discussion with the club and just felt he had done what he could and it was time to take a step back. It was just about stripping it back and facing up to the situation we find ourselves in. 

"We have to still move forward, do the right things and get back to what we know we can be."