THERE is a “very real” risk that this month’s Old Firm clash will not go ahead due to fears of fan behaviour.

Rangers’ league win, which was confirmed over the weekend, saw mass fan gatherings around the city. Fears have since emerged that similar gatherings could occur on the day of the upcoming Old Firm.

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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said she needed “assurances” before confirming that the Old Firm match, scheduled to take place at Celtic Park on March 21, could go ahead.

Glasgow Times:

Speaking to Parliament yesterday about the upcoming fixture, she said: "In terms of future fixtures, I said in my opening remarks, there's a variety of discussions happening over course of this week, including one between myself and the chief constable later today."

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And the Scottish Sun have since reported that sources have said the possibility of the game not going ahead is “very real”.

Glasgow Times:

The source said: “There needs to be assurances that there will be no repeats of what happened at the weekend. But everyone knows this is going to be a challenge.

“The responsibility falls on the clubs, but will fans really listen to them?

“There have already been indications some supporters plan to gather at Parkhead on March 21.

“What officers had to deal with at the weekend was bad enough, without adding in rivalry and the potential for violence.

“Calling the game off is a very real possibility.”