Nicola Sturgeon hopes a 'reasonably good number' of Scotland fans will be able to support their side inside Hampden during Euro 2020.

UEFA have requested their host cities, including Glasgow, to put forward their proposals on how many supporters they expect to be able to accommodate inside the national stadium. The deadline is this Wednesday.

The First Minister set out plans in her daily briefing, explaining that supporters can be optimistic that they will be well represented when the tournament - Scotland's first in 23 years - gets underway. 

"We have to put our proposals into UEFA, they have to then assess those and it will be for them to set out the proposals in due course," Ms Sturgeon revealed. "We are well aware of the deadline and while these are not final decisions for us, I am optimistic we will have matches played here in Scotland with a number of spectators, a reasonably good number of spectators in Hampden for them.

"But obviously these are discussions and deliberations and decisions that have to be made by the appropriate authorities."

Ms Sturgeon, while insisting it is cause for hope, did say she could not guarantee supporters inside stadiums by June because the pandemic is still in full swing.

But she reiterated that she wants the Tartan Army back supporting their side. She added: “I have said this before and I am not alone here, there are many people who will feel it even more strongly than I do, I desperately want to have these matches played here in Scotland at Hampden, not least because we will have the ability to cheer on Scotland in a couple of those matches.

“So it is really important for sports fans but also, just the idea that that will be possible come June, I think gives us all a lift and a belief that things might be getting back to normal.

“In terms of the European Championship, there are other countries involved in this, and some of those countries have real challenges on their hands with Covid right now. So there are some tough issues for all of us to continue to grapple with.

“But we’re still in a global pandemic. I can’t stand here in early April and give absolute 100 per cent guarantees for June on anything. That’s not the nature of what we are dealing with.

“But I’m very, very hopeful I might be at Hampden to watch Scotland in the European Championship and we’ll continue to work as hard as we can to make that happen.”