IT WAS a kidnapping, but not as we know it…

Celtic player Charlie Tully was on good form at Glasgow University’s Charities Day in 1952, when a bunch of students captured him and held him to ransom.

As our picture shows, he was beaming broadly as the prank unfolded, happy to help the young learners raise some much needed dosh for local good causes.

Charities Day was a colourful affair, according to our report.

“The skirl of the bagpipes, blasts from bugles and whistles, and the raucous screech from ricketies warned the good-natured Glasgow folks of things to come,” said our newspaper on the day.

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Tully had moved to Parkhead in June 1948, from his hometown side Belfast Celtic and his cheeky personality and penchant for publicity made him one of the first ‘celebrity footballers’ long before Best and Beckham hit the headlines.

During his time at the Parkhead club, according to the Celtic Wiki, you could buy Tully ties, Tully cocktails and Tully ice lollies….